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  1. questionWhy can't I access the website where my course is located?
    First, make sure that your internet connection is active by loading alternate sites. If you login at the page and experience difficulty, you can also try logging in at and login using your same student login and password. If you still experience difficulty, co ...
  2. questionTransferring PDF Files to Mobile Devices
    Did you ever wonder how to view your ACHS eTextbook on a mobile device? We found this handy link from that provides step-by-step instructions for your Blackberry, Nook, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle.
  3. questionHow can I easily manage multiple courses in my web browser?
    It's easy to manage multiple courses at the same time. Once you are logged into a course, simply click the Exit Course button (it looks like a house) at the bottom of the Left-Hand Course Navigation Tree. If you click the Exit Course button from within any open course, it will take you back to y ...
  4. questionIs the eCollege system compatible with Web accessibility standards?
    The eCollege system is fully compliant with Section 508. Exceeding the standards set by Section 508, the U.S. Federal Accessibility Standard for electronic and information technology, eCollege raised the bar as the only Learning provider offering all of the following: Courseware that not only s ...
  5. questionAccessing full-text articles in Pub Med
    Here are the general directions for how to locate full-text articles using PubMed: 1. Go to 2. Click Advanced Search 3. Click Limits 4. Click in the box next to all limits that apply (note, Links to free full text is under the category Text Options) 4. Before ...
  6. questionWhy can't I login?
    If you use your social security number as your login, are you including the dashes in your number? If not, try including them, if so, try not including them. Is your caps lock on? This may seem like a silly question, but it is easy to click the caps lock and not know it. Passwords are sensitive ...
  7. questionI use AOL. What kind of a browser do I have?
    AOL uses an "internal browser." Using the AOL internal browser can cause sporadic problems with the eCollege system. AOL is constantly updating and changing its browser. Therefore, it is not supported by the eCollege helpdesk. To prevent many possible problems that you may have using AOL's brows ...
  8. questionI thought I downloaded a new browser, but now I can't use it.
    First, make sure you have connected to the Internet. Did you install the browser after you downloaded it? Hopefully you saved your new software onto your desktop. If you did, the installation icon will be easy to find, if you did not install the software on the desktop, then you may need to do s ...
  9. questionHow do I tell what version of a browser I am currently using?
    Click on "Help" at the top of your browser and choose "About" This will bring up a dialog box that tells you which version you are using.