Alcohol for Tinctures - What Type Should Be Used?

Q: The recipe to make a tincture, states Vodka or good quality alcohol. In my health store I have seen pure alcohol, can I use this or should I use Vodka?


A: Good quality vodka is easy to work with right out of the jug, as it is already diluted to a useful % of alcohol. You can usually find it in 80, 90 or 100 proof. One hundred 'proof' is the same as 50% alcohol. If you have pure grain alcohol available, it does give you the flexibility of creating your own percentage dilutions, but adds an extra step to the tincture making process. One can also use brandy or rum in a tincture, or even wine. I have also used Japanese Sake (rice wine) a couple times, and apple cider vinegar as well. Vinegar tinctures are idea for children but have specific storage requirements so keep that in mind. You will find a document in your class library on exact percentages of alcohol for specific botanicals - using the specified percentage ensures you extract the desired active constituents. 


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