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ACHS FAQ :: Formatting References in ACHS Assignments


Formatting References in ACHS Assignments

ACHS has included a reference PowerPoint presentation called APA Tutorial in the Course Home section of every class.

This PowerPoint is for easy student reference and includes information about what, specifically, needs to be referenced in student work, as well as how to properly cite and reference all outsides sources according to the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide.

NOTE: ACHS prefers students use the APA style guide in preparation of course assessments and in preparation for post-graduation work (such as, article preparation for publication).

However, unless the course syllabus, assignment instructions, or course instructor explicitly states the use of APA is required (as it does in several of the research paper assignments included in upper-level courses), students' focus should be on correctly including references for all outside information included in original student work, including, but not limited to resources incorporated into: discussion board posts, discussion board responses, research reports, posts, research and literature review papers, and the like.

If you have any questions about which style guide format to use and/or what must be cited in your work, always ask your instructor for clarification via the Instructor's Virtual Office or instructor email address provided within your course.

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