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ACHS FAQ :: Aromatherapy and Drug Interactions


Aromatherapy and Drug Interactions

Q: My mother was just diagnosed with very high blood pressure and put on beta blockers. She's interested in aromatherapy but concerned about drug interactions. I looked up all of the oils in our materials listed for hypertension and I could only find drug interactions in our virtual library databases for a couple of them. Are the interactions just unknown? I found the blood pressure regulatory blend in module 12 to be taken internally. Does she need to check with her Dr. or are drug interactions not an issue? Also, for administration, would a capsule be best since it has some oils that wouldn't taste very good together? Where do you get capsules?

A: These are great questions, and it is definitely important to do the research when someone is under a doctor's care and/or taking prescriptions. Regarding finding drug interactions in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, try typing in the name of the prescription she is taking to see what interactions come up. Also, yes there may be unknown interactions, so consulting with her doctor is important. For administration, you can add the essential oil(s) to honey or a cube of bread, or if the taste is really offensive, capsules are the best way to go. I'm not sure about Whole Foods, The Apothecary Shoppe sells capsules and the "Cap-M-Quick".

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