Q: I rented a book from amazon and don't have a code. Can you help me? (Also applies to second hand texts)

A: Unfortunately the publishers bundle their access codes with new textbooks. Textbook publishers these days like to dissuade students from buying used books by bundling new books with one-time use access codes like these. Although I do suspect it’s possible to find used books with unused codes, it’s probably always a risk. 

We sell the required texts with codes in the College store or you can buy them from other sources as you wish - just be sure to get the correct book and edition. If you don't get a code with your book, you will have to buy another book that has a code.  

You most likely can complete the course without the publisher resources. This is usually possible as the publisher resources tend to be extra reading, self-check quizzes, flash card etc and your ACHS Canvas classroom already has most of the tools you need. That said, we often select a textbook because of the resources that the publisher offers so it is best if you can access them.  It will depend on how comfortable you are with the subject and how much time you have. 

For Anatomy and Physiology we have an excellent new tool OVID: Visible Body Anatomy & Physiology (Links to an external site.)). 

However, it looks like there is a new way for you to get free access for 14 days to Pearson MyLab tools in particular if you're interested in checking it out. Here's how.

Click onto the MyLab and Mastering link from the left navigation, then register/sign-in, and you should see a screen like this:

See the link highlighted at the bottom? That should give you two weeks to evaluate whether you want or need these resources for the course. And if you do decide they are an important & valuable resource to you, it looks like there is an option to purchase JUST the access code for $68.95. So, the good news is that you have options! But, it could cost you some of the money you saved on a used textbook unfortunately.

For future reference, there's a page in the Student Center dedicated to the topic of accessing Publisher Resources like these (link only accessible to current ACHS students):