Buildup in the SpaVapor Diffuser may cause the machine to not work fully. If your machine doesn’t produce a fine spray when plugged in and turned on, we recommend that you try these tips:

  • GreenAir, the manufacturer of the SpaVapor Diffuser, suggests that the machine be cleaned after every use, using equal parts hot water and vinegar. Fill the diffuser above the fill line and let it sit for 10-15 minutes (don't turn machine on).
  • When setting up the diffuser for use, use warm tap water (Not Cold, Filtered or Distilled water) and fill it right below the fill line in the machine. Filling it above the fill line will prevent it from working as intended. If you are not getting any mist, pour out the water and refill the unit 1 inch below the fill line, then add more water after the unit starts misting.

If, after trying these troubleshooting methods, your SpaVapor Diffuser still is not working properly, we recommend that you contact GreenAir at (888) 548-0040 for further assistance or replacement. The company tracks malfunctioning machines and would appreciate hearing from you should your machine not be working properly!

Please also contact the Apothecary Shoppe at if you need any additional assistance.