A simple search box is the default search box found within most library databases. It searches for items across all fields of the library database collection. It searches for all terms, or keywords, entered in the search box. For example, if you searched for the phrase “lavender essential oil” the search engine will search for all resources on lavender and essential oil, but not necessarily the phrase “lavender essential oil”.

Here is an example of what a simple search box might look like in a library database: 

An advanced search box, is a search box the allows you to select specific fields to build a more complex search. It is located within every library database. Use this search box when you want to build a more complex search. There are several fields in the advanced search box that will help limit your search. For example, the title field. If you were to search for “lavender essential oil” and select the field “TI title” this will limit your search to display articles only with lavender essential oil in its title. Here is an example of what an advanced search box might look like in a library database:

For practice, conduct a search using the simple search box and advanced search box in the Alt Healthwatch Database in the Library Launchpad.