Many research and writing assessments in your ACHS classes build on each other just like in real life. We encourage you to build on and expand prior coursework (if it fits the subject matter and assigned task) for subsequent classes. In some classes, you'll be asked to do exactly this; for example, you may prepare an annotated bibliography in one class and then in the following class, you'll be asked to build on this to prepare a research paper. In this case, it’s important to clearly reference your own previous work so your professor and the reader are aware that is it an iteration of a previous assignment.

However, if you have submitted a research paper in one course, you cannot just turn it in for another course if that is not an expressly stated required in the assignment instructions. While you can re-use key references and/or primary or secondary research located while working on the original assignment, you cannot use re-use or submit your prose (the paragraph sections of your assignment) UNLESS 1. That is within the express instructions of the assignment; or 2. You have secured permission from your professor.

Turning in work that incorporates some parts of earlier work (such as a draft or an annotated bibliography) will trigger VeriCite (i.e., be tagged a plagiarism). So, it’s really important your professor is alerted in advance to the fact that you are building on a previous assignment.

And, again, you always want to make sure to indicate that you have incorporated content that you submitted earlier in the course (or a previous course, with permission) within your paper or assignment.