American institutions do not typically seek accreditation specifically from foreign countries. American graduates may work all over the world, and many international students come to the U.S. or study online with American institutions because of the prestige of an American degree. That said, recognition of any degree is at the discretion of the institution or employer and their internal policies.

Students can refer to the U.S. Department of Education website for more information about international recognition of accreditation:

This page specifically states: "Both the federal and state governments recognize accreditation as the mechanism by which institutional and programmatic legitimacy are ensured. In international terms, accreditation by a recognized accrediting authority is accepted as the U.S. equivalent of other countries' ministerial recognition of institutions belonging to national education systems."

ACHS has graduates world-wide that use their studies for personal health and wellness and successful careers in the field in compliance with local regulatory requirements. Check with your local department of health or related regulatory agency for more information about licensing or registration requirements.